Leather goods handmade in Australia. I use vintage tools passed down from my great grandfather who was RM Williams' first employee and head saddler.

Emerald Village
West Hollywood, California

Branding the magical city of West Hollywood as a cannabis capital. Logo and brand guidelines.

Tower Records Square
Los Angeles

Proposal to turn the iconic Tower Records store carpark into an architectural, hi-tech information centre.

The Retreat
Los Angeles

Community information brochure for a luxury, ecological development site located in the beautiful Benedict Canyon. Situated within easy reach of downtown Los Angeles.

RSL Queensland

November 11, 1918 — after four years of horrific fighting and millions of lost lives, it's Armistice on the Western Front. Logo design and badges, commemorating the Armistice centenary.

City of West Hollywood
Los Angeles

The West Coast home of over 250 US and international artisans. All within the walkable radius of Melrose Avenue, Beverly Boulevard, and Robertson Boulevard. The West Hollywood Design District logo design and brand guidelines (above mock-ups were included as part of the guidelines).

Festival Backpacks

Simple, hand-made holders of small things. Made to last a lifetime using durable and natural materials. Reverse-latched for security.

K2 Backack

Small, lightweight holders of small things. Reverse latched for security. Hand-crafted to last a lifetime.

LED Lamp

Solid Tasmanian Oak desk lamp.

Comet Television
Los Angeles

Logo design and brand guidelines for an on demand viewing platform specialising in science fiction and horror. Comet offers popular favorites, cult classics, and undiscovered gems.